What's Your Mission Statement?

Passion Led Us Here...

You'll see it on the sidewalk outside of the Starbucks Reserve: Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle, WA.

It's followed by the rest of the statement which reads: "ONE NEIGHBORHOOD AT A TIME. ONE CUP. ONE PERSON". It's all part of Starbuck's mission statement:

"To inspire and nurture the human spirit - one person, one cup, one neighborhood at a time."

Now, regardless of your personal views on Starbucks - their coffee or their politics; their mission statement is one of enviable simplicity and clear cut direction.

Whether you own a business, manage a small team, teach in a classroom, or raise your children at home - each one of us needs a mission statement for life. It's what we set out to do every day. Mission statements need not be grandiose. The more simple and conscience, the more realistic and achievable. So, if you haven't made one yet - make one today. And, if you've already got one for you, your team or your company - make sure it's accurate and achievable.