The personal studio of Marc Burmich.
Delivering branding, marketing & startup development solutions.


Delivering branding, marketing and startup development solutions, in honest collaboration with our clients.


"Marc's understanding of design as it relates to overarching business principles, product ecosystems, customer retention, and revenue generation is what truly sets him apart. He understands design with purpose; keeping the project objective at the forefront through every stage of development."

-Clint Poole | SRP Telecom

Marc Burmich @marcburmich

Marc Burmich


Marc Burmich is an entrepreneur, designer, marketer, business development lover, and startup advocate. Over the past fifteen years he's been on the ground floor with multiple startups and established businesses; overseeing everything from business development, to branding and messaging, to marketing strategies and product launches, to VC rounds and funding.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. The same can be said for good design..."


Marc has owned and operated his own marketing and design studio, spent over ten years at the corporate-level directing marketing and creative teams, and fostered successful nonprofits and startups along the way. In addition, he currently oversees marketing and business development for Pro-Vado SSI, Native Sand Co., Driffft, BeeBee Baubles Clothiers, Nixon+Eagle Clothiers, and the Project Zero Collective

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our recipe for success

The creative process is the road map for every project. It's rigid by design. Keeping everyone involved focused on the primary objective, and collectively moving in the right direction. This process wasn't built overnight. It's one that produces the best possible results, and gives the client complete transparency throughout the process.


1.0 Discovery

Every project begins with the discovery process, designed to capture the most important aspects of your organization's DNA. In this process, no detail is too small. We approach our interaction with our clients as a relationship. In one way or another, we're helping you with one of the most important things in your life - your business. The more we can learn about you, your goals, and your organization, the better. Let's talk.


2.0 Information

Based on the discovery phase, we build a detailed road map for each deliverable. This includes brand concepts, website wire-frames, collateral, and marketing strategies, etc.


3.0 Creation

Once deliverables have been established and approved; creation begins. Project story-boarding and outlining happens here. Initial concepts are presented for feedback and refinement. During this process we initiate one-on-one time with our clients, walking through each deliverable, it's purpose as it relates to the overarching objective, and ensuring the project direction is correct.


4.0 Execution

Execution is the stage where we put ink on paper, code into websites, and public eyes on your new project. This is where all steps in the process culminate to create something awesome. Depending on the size of the project, the execution process is broken down into stages. Staging allows for a granular release of each component; giving internal marketing teams time to get their metrics in place and ready for testing. Let's talk.


"I've worked with Marc for more than two years and found him to be a member of a unique group of individuals - he is one of those with ridiculous graphic arts skills coupled with a strong sense of business. You can talk to him about business purpose without worry of offending his artistic integrity. While I've worked with hundreds of graphic arts professionals in the past - I only know of two that can be placed in the above described group!"

John-Scott Dixon, President | Aidan Taylor Marketing



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