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We're a branding, marketing and startup development studio whose focus is to help great companies like yours, achieve better results. We specialize in design-centric services like brand design, messaging, website development, and marketing initiatives. Our framework is designed to keep everyone on track toward the best possible results and highest levels of consistency and execution. From initial concept, to strategy, to final execution, we can help.

Project Framework

The project framework is our road map for every project. It makes sure we're collectively moving in the right direction, as we provide deliberate solutions designed to meet your goals.


Every project begins with a discovery process designed to capture the most important aspects of your organization's DNA. In this process, no detail is too small. The more we can learn about your organization, the better.


Based on the Discovery phase, we build a detailed road map for each deliverable, ensuring the direction is right. This includes brand concepts, website wire-frames, and marketing strategies.


Once deliverables have been established and approved; creation begins. Project story-boarding and outlining happens happens here. Initial concepts are presented for feedback and refinement.


Execution is the stage where we put ink on paper, code into websites, and public eyes on your new project.

Creative Services

Brand Collateral
Web Development
Brand Photography
UI Design
UX Design

Strategic Services

Brand Messaging
Brand Positioning
Marketing Strategy
Social Media
Brand Guidelines

Biz Dev Services

VC Presentations
Brand Guidance
Market Research
GMT Strageties

Coffee Talk

Some of the best ideas are born over a good cup a' Joe. Let's sit down and talk about your business objectives, your mission, and you. 

The Best and Brightest

We get the opportunity to work with some amazing people and organizations.


Marc Burmich

Marc Burmich and crew Founder + Creative Director @marcburmich

Marc Burmich and crew
Founder + Creative Director

Marc Burmich is an entrepreneur, designer and marketer, and founding partner in multiple startups. Over the past fifteen years he's been on the ground floor with multiple startups - from business development, to branding and messaging, to marketing strategies, to VC rounds and presentations; he's been involved in almost every capacity.

Marc has owned and operated several marketing and design studios, spent over ten years at the corporate-level directing marketing and creative teams, and worked with successful nonprofits and startups along the way. In addition, he currently oversees business development for Native Sand Co., Driffft, BeeBee Baubles Clothiers, Nixon+Eagle Clothiers, and the Project Zero Collective.

Fun Fact
Is totally hooked reruns of the Twilight Zone.



amazing people & organizations

Over the past few years we've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and organizations. Below we've listed a few of our favorites. 


Native Sand Co.
Branding, Campaigns, Web Dev

A Pirate's Life

Nixon+Eagle Clothiers
Branding, Campaigns, Biz Dev


Pedal Craft Volume III

Great White Buffalo

Branding, Campaign, Web Dev


Choosing the Cloud
Illustration, Creative Lead

The Portrait

Make Storage, Not War
Illustration, Creative Lead


Joker's Wild

Leadership to the Cloud
Illustration, Creative Lead

Elephant in the Room
Illustration, Creative Lead


Why IT Hates the Cloud
Illustration, Creative Lead

Working Remotely
Illustration, Creative Lead

Cloud Life
Illustration, Creative Lead


Working Out in the Cloud
Illustration, Creative Lead

Illustration, Creative Lead

Encrypted Email
Illustration, Creative Lead



Let's Talk

Let's sit down and talk about your business objectives, your mission, and you. 

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